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Apr 03, 2020
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Apr 02, 2020
Russian Railways (RZD) Holding Company withdraws from projects in Iran
Apr 01, 2020
Loading volumes on network owned by Russian Railways amounted to 106.6 million tons in March 2020
Apr 01, 2020
Long-distance passenger numbers down nearly 20% in March 2020
Mar 27, 2020
Clarification of temporary procedure when crossing Abkhazia’s border
Mar 27, 2020
New RZD Holding rail service connects Scandinavia and China
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The Company

The Company

Railway complex is of particular strategic importance for Russia. This is the link of a single economic system provides stable operation of industrial enterprises, the timely supply of essential goods to the most remote corners of the country and is the most affordable transport for millions of citizens.

Russian Railways is part of the global top three railway companies. The company's facts:

  • huge volumes of freight and passenger transport;
  • high financial ratings;
  • qualified specialists in all areas of rail transport;
  • big scientific and technical base;
  • design and construction of power;
  • significant experience in international cooperation.

Russian Railways was established by the RF Government Decree of September 18, 2003 № 585. The creation of the company was the first stage of the railway sector reform in accordance with the RF Government Resolution dated May 18, 2001 № 384.

October 1, 2003 - the beginning of the activity of JSC Russian Railways.

The founder and sole shareholder of JSC Russian Railways is the Russian Federation. On behalf of the Russian Federation to the shareholder by the Government of the Russian Federation.

The property of Company was formed by making the authorized capital of JSC Russian Railways according to the book value of assets of 987 organizations, the federal railways owned by the state.

Russian Railways authorized capital

  Authorised capital (in roubles) Authorised capital (in shares)
30.09.2019 2 315 846 775 000 2 315 846 775


Specifications of Russian Railways

The operational length of railways 85.6 thousand km
The length of electrified lines 43.8 thousand km


Rolling stock

Type The amount, thousand.
Freight cars of all types*  166,895
Passenger cars of long-distance 17,898
Passenger cars of suburban trains 12,371

* Operation is carried by Russian Railways SDC holding company.

The company's mission is the development of effective competitive in the domestic and international markets of transport business, the core of which is the effective implementation of the objectives of the national rail carrier of freight and passengers, and the owner of the railway infrastructure of common use.

The main objectives of the company - ensuring the needs of the state, legal and natural persons in railway transport, works and services rendered by rail, as well as profit.

The strategic goals of the company:

  • transport business expansion;
  • production and economic efficiency increase;
  • improving quality and safety of transportation;
  • deep integration into the Euro-Asian transport system;
  • financial stability and efficiency increase.


  • freight transportation;
  • long-distance passenger service;
  • suburban passenger service;
  • providing infrastructure services;
  • provision of locomotive traction services;
  • rolling stock repairing;
  • infrastructure construction;
  • Research and Development;
  • maintaining the social sphere.

The Company’s proportion of freight turnover of the Russian transport system is 46% (taking into account pipelines).

The Company’s of passenger turnover of the Russian transport system is 26.4%.

Management at Russian Railways

1. General Meeting of Shareholders. Since the Company’s sole shareholder is the Russian Federation and the Government of the Russian Federation exercises its powers on its behalf, the decisions of the shareholders’ meetings are taken by the Government alone and are formalised in writing by the Government.

2. Board of Directors of the Company. Appointed by the Government of the Russian Federation.
See the list of the Board of Directors at OJSC Russian Railways.

3. Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board. Appointed by the Government of the Russian Federation.
See CV.

4. Board of Governors.
See the list of the Board of Governors at OJSC Russian Railways

Management Control at OJSC Russian Railways

Company Audit Commission

Corporate Structure of OJSC Russian Railways

Branches of OJSC Russian Railways:

  • branches – railways;
  • functional branches;
  • branches – shipping companies;
  • branches providing feasibility studies and financial support;
  • branches in capital construction;
  • branches carrying out rolling stock repair;
  • branches in track management;
  • branches working in information and communications;
  • branches in the social sphere;
  • branches – design bureaus;
  • miscellaneous branches.

Representative Offices of OJSC Russian Railways

  • Representative Office in Budapest, Hungary.
  • Representative Office in Berlin, Germany.
  • Representative Office in Beijing, China.
  • Representative Office in Pyongyang, North Korea.
  • Representative Office in Warsaw, Poland.
  • Representative Office in Bratislava, Slovakia.
  • Representative Office in Kiev, Ukraine.
  • Representative Office in Helsinki, Finland.
  • Representative Office in Minsk, Belarus.
  • Representative Office in Tallinn, Estonia.
  • Representative Office inо Paris, France.

Find out more about Russian Railways’ representative offices.

Subsidiaries and affiliated companies belonging to OJSC Russian Railways


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